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Very professional and turnkey. You don’t have to worry about these guys needing anything from you. They can take care of a multitude of obstacles, so you don’t have to deal with it. Excavation, forestry mulching, land improvement, development, etc.; I’d recommend calling them.
Wesley Hart
We had Stephen come out and provide mulching services for us in order to clear property for our RV Park, he did an amazing job! We now have an area that we can use that didn't exist before. Thank you very much to Open Country Land Management.
Jim Mahoney
Courtesy and prompt attention and professional assessment of needed improvements on my pond erosion control. Work was begun w/o delay at a lower cost than bid. Work completed as prescribed. Very well pleased overall with Open Country and its CEO!
Gary Shaver

Welcome To Open Country Land Management the #1 Excavation Contractor and Land Management Company in the Tyler, Texas Area.

Based in the heart of the Greater Tyler, Texas, Area, we are dedicated to providing top-tier, customized solutions for all your land development needs. 

With years of expertise and a passion for excellence, our skilled team is equipped to handle projects of any scale, ensuring your vision is realized with precision and care. From detailed excavation work to strategic land planning and management, Open Country Land Management is here to transform your property into a masterpiece of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Join us on a journey to unlock the full potential of your land, where every project is an opportunity to showcase our commitment to quality, sustainability, and client satisfaction.

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Serving Our Communities with Pride

At Open Country Land Management, we are deeply committed to delivering exceptional land management services extending through multiple East Texas towns.  Here's a look at the cities we proudly serve:

Tyler, TX: Discover Tyler, the vibrant heart of East Texas. Known as the "Rose Capital of America," Tyler offers a rich blend of culture, healthcare excellence, and beautiful gardens, making it a hub for retail, medical, and business.

Palestine, TX: Step into Palestine, where history and nature intertwine. This charming city in East Texas is known for its scenic parks, historic sites, and the famous Dogwood Blooms Festival, offering a peaceful retreat with a touch of heritage.

Flint, TX: Nestled in the beauty of East Texas, Flint offers residents and visitors a tranquil environment. Its proximity to Tyler provides a serene lifestyle while keeping city conveniences within reach.

Athens, TX: The "Black-Eyed Pea Capital of the World" combines small-town charm with a rich agricultural heritage. Enjoy fishing in its lakes, exploring local history, and savoring the flavors of East Texas.

Lindale, TX: Lindale's motto, "Good Country Living," perfectly captures its essence. With a thriving music scene and strong community spirit, it's a place where culture and comfort come together under the East Texas sky.

Bullard, TX: A gateway between Tyler and Jacksonville, Bullard is a growing community that maintains its small-town feel. Enjoy its blend of history, education, and recreation, offering a quality life amidst the beauty of East Texas.

Troup, TX: Troup is a quaint city with a rich past, sitting comfortably in the heart of East Texas. Its friendly community, historical sites, and natural beauty make it an inviting place for those seeking a slower pace of life.

Frankston, TX: Frankston is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and those who appreciate the quiet of rural living. Located near the Neches River, it's the perfect spot for fishing, hunting, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Arp, TX: Arp, known for its welcoming atmosphere and scenic landscapes, is a small town with a big heart. Surrounded by East Texas's lush forests, it's a community where nature and neighborliness are part of everyday life.

At Open Country Land Management, we're not just a company but an integral part of these thriving communities. We aim to ensure that every project we undertake in our service area benefits from the utmost care and quality. Whether you need routine maintenance or comprehensive land management solutions, our experienced team is just a call away, prepared to provide the outstanding service you deserve.

Your One-Stop Solution For All Your Land Management and Excavation Needs

Open Country Land Management, where your vision for the perfect property becomes a reality. Explore our comprehensive suite of services designed to transform and enhance your land:

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  • LAND CLEARING: Unlock your property's potential with our efficient land-clearing services. Whether preparing for construction or improving land aesthetics, our team uses the latest techniques and equipment to clear away unwanted vegetation, trees, and obstacles, ensuring a clean slate for your projects.

  • EXCAVATION CONTRACTOR: Precision and expertise define our excavation services. From site preparation to utility trenching, our skilled operators easily handle complex earth-moving tasks, ensuring your project's foundation is solid from the start.

  • DEMOLITION CONTRACTOR: Our specialty is safely removing structures from your property. Our demolition contractor services encompass everything from small buildings to large-scale demolitions, focusing on safety and efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.

  • CONCRETE CONTRACTOR: Lay the groundwork for success with our concrete services. Our experienced team delivers high-quality concrete solutions, from driveways and sidewalks to foundations and structural elements designed to stand the test of time.

  • LAKE AND POND CONSTRUCTION: Transform your property with a custom-designed lake or pond, adding beauty and value. Our experts specialize in creating serene water features that enhance your outdoor space, providing a perfect setting for relaxation and recreation.

  • METAL BUILDINGS: Discover the durability and versatility of metal buildings. Ideal for workshops, storage, or even residential use, our metal building solutions offer a cost-effective, low-maintenance alternative to traditional construction, customized to your specifications.

  • BARNDOMINIUMS: Experience the ultimate in modern rural living with our bespoke barndominiums. Combining the rustic charm of a barn with the comfort and design of a contemporary home, our team brings your dream barndominium to life, offering a unique, stylish, and functional living space.

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Join our expanding community of clients at Open Country Land Management! Experience unmatched service where your property's potential is our primary focus. Our committed team guarantees that customers receive efficient, dependable land management and excavation services customized to their requirements. From precise excavation to thorough land preparation, we pride ourselves on delivering superior quality and building enduring partnerships. Become a member of a community that prioritizes excellence, trust, and satisfaction. Discover why our satisfied customers choose us for all their land management needs!

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